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Medmassager Mmf06 11 Speed Review

You may have seen this foot massager in a couple of roadshows or even at Costco. You probably tried it out, those sales reps are really convincing. 

Lets jump right in...

If you are in the market for a very powerful electric foot massager, well the Medmassager mmf06 can go up-to 3,700 rpm. With such power, use this unit with caution.This model has up-to 11 speed and works well especially for those with poor blood circulation.

The Medmassager is FDA cleared for both home and therapeutic use. In fact, in our research this model was reviewed at 4.5 stars and above by people who suffer from diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. 

Many doctors use the intense vibrations from this massager to stimulate blood circulation, to ease muscle tension and offer joint pain and even swelling relief. It is extremely effective for drug-free pain relief.

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Again, this is one powerful massager. Even while wearing your shoes, you can still feel the vibrations on your feet with this foot massager. The intensity levels on this unit are not like ordinary electric foot massagers. 

With the intense vibrations from this model some users have mentioned it does get quite noisy. I would say noise levels are relative. But if you live in an apartment building and there is someone that lives below you, just to keep the peace, you should probably use this massager at the lower levels because that way it wont vibrate that make on your floor and make a lot of noise. Or you could try using it on your carpet just to “soak” in that vibration.

The kit comes with rubber feet so you can use it on your hardwood and even tile floors. Also with the rubber feet the vibration noise isn't as high, keeps the units stable and ensures your good floors will not get any scratch marks.

Most foot massagers will have infrared heat. The Medmassager doesn’t have any heat at all. As you use this massager though, you will start feeling warm. But that is just your feet feeling warm from the vibrations.

This massager is easy to switch on and off.  User friendly control system. There is the knob that increases the intensity speed, as you turn it to increase or decrease you will hear small clicks indicating the level of vibration. However, the unit doesn't come with a wireless remote control, that in my opinion is an area that could be improved.

lady getting a massage on her calves

The angle of the footrest on the medmassager may look like it is just like other foot massagers that limit you to getting a massage just on the soles of your feet but that is not the case at all. You can actually tilt it on its front stands and that way you should be able to your calves and tendons too.

If you are looking for a foot massager that will last long and is very powerful, the Medmassager is just it. With its rugged design expect to have this model around for many years to come. 

It may come at a higher price (at over $200)when compared to other foot massagers (these are usually under $140 and even some under $100) but when you spread the cost over the years that you will have the medmassager model, its actually a bargain.


Product Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 11 pounds

Use: Feet and Calves

Heated: No

Voltage: 110v

Whats in the Pack:

Medmassager foot massager

User Manual

User DVD


When you visit the manufacturer’s website you can go for the Medmassager lifetime replacement warranty otherwise this unit normally comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.


  • Very powerful- this massager at about 3,700 rpm is a very powerful unit.
  • Can be tilted and used for a calve massage
  • Sturdy construction- will definitely last you a long time


  • It's not a heated unit unlike other electric foot massagers
  • Noisy- its vibrations are a bit loud


If you have any heart condition, have a pacemaker, have cancer or you are pregnant, consult your doctor before using this foot massager.

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