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woman working at a desk while getting a foot massage under the desk

Medmassager Mmf06 11 Speed Review

You may have seen this foot massager in a couple of roadshows or even at Costco. You probably tried it out, those sales reps are really convincing.  Lets jump right in… If you are in the market for a very powerful electric foot massager, well the Medmassager mmf06 can go up-to 3,700 rpm. With such power, use […]

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Best Foot Circulation Machine Reviews 2020

If you are searching for the best foot circulation booster, it could be that you are suffering painful night leg calf spasms or Charlie horses.  You may have tried all manner of supplements; potassium, calcium, magnesium, natural remedies.  If you or a loved one also suffers from arthritis, neuropathy, or diabetic nerve pain and you […]

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Best Foot Massager Reviews – (Buying Guide 2020)

Reflexology is an ancient practice that has been used through the years, providing various health benefits without the use of drugs. It uses pressure to various points of the foot using the fingers, thumbs or hands, and may be used either with or without oils. Its not easy to come by these reflexology experts with “magic hands” […]

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Best Home Foot Spa Reviews – (Buying Guide 2020)

The strain of constantly being on our feet or walking around, or being in a job that would have us standing on our feet majority of the time may cause discomfort, pain and cramps all leaving your feet in an overall bad condition.  As our feet are connected to various other body parts through the […]

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