Best Home Foot Spa Reviews – (Buying Guide 2020)

The strain of constantly being on our feet or walking around, or being in a job that would have us standing on our feet majority of the time may cause discomfort, pain and cramps all leaving your feet in an overall bad condition.

As our feet are connected to various other body parts through the nervous system, pain in the feet can lead to pain in various parts of the body.

In this comprehensive review, we take a look at the best home foot spas available in the market.

Foot spas come in very handy in helping to alleviate the discomfort in the feet, leaving the user feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The best part is that all of these foot spas can now be used from the comfort of your home, hence you don’t have to go to a massage parlour to get a refreshing foot massage.

With advances in technology, there are currently very many foot spas available in the market and choosing the right one for you can prove to be a bit of a tedious task.

This guide has been put together to help you pick out what would be the best massager for you through the various reviews provided. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to select the best foot spa for your needs.

Kendal All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager

This wonderful all in one foot spa manufactured by Kendal gives a wide array of features, and is as good as anything you would expect from a top end appliance.

Kendal All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager

The floor of this appliance comes lined with massage nodules that work to give you an acupuncture style massage, which will leave you feeling massaged from head to toe as the nodules will work on the areas of your feet that are connected to other parts of your body.

The massager has three pre-programmed bubble and massaging routines that allow you to either relax your foot muscles, soothe tired feet or provide relief from foot pains. The vibrations along with the bubbles will leave your feet feeling relaxed and soothed. It also comes with infrared lighting that will warm your feet while keeping the temperature of the water consistent and comfortable

As far as maintenance goes, this massager is extremely easy to clean and also has high resistance to extremes of temperature.

Brookstone Heated Foot Bath

The Brookstone heated foot bath is perfect for users who are looking for a foot massager with a bit more space, thanks to it’s large size.

Brookstone Heated Foot Bath

It has rotating massager jets which give bubble massages with two levels of intensity, while also allowing you to personalize your bubble massage for optimum comfort and a deep massage.

This spa heats water up to 115 degrees quickly, eliminating the need for you to keep adding hot water into it and is perfect for those who are tired of foot spas getting cold too quickly

Another great advantage to this foot spa is that it comes with a detachable pumice stone that you can use to exfoliate your feet to give you silky, soft and smooth feet.

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

This is also another great option for those looking for spas with a bit more room, as it accommodates up to men’s size 12 or 13. It comes with multiple features that allow you to enjoy a complete massage.

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

It has three modes - bubbles, vibration and heat, and bubbles, vibration and heat combined.

The floor of the spa has 2 foot pads for your feet, and is also lined with massaging nodes. It also has a guard at the front that prevents water from splashing out during the massage

The spa comes with 3 separate attachments for additional functionality,and it has a pedi centre which you can use to place the attachments

Carepeutic Deluxe Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

As a result of its size and unique depth, this spa gives a one of a kind massage like no other in the market by massaging not only your feet, but up to your calves as well.

It has 300 buble nodes which are operated by 2 jets to target the reflex areas of the feet, giving you a hot tub style massage leaving you feeling relaxed and soothed.

You can also buy a mobile caster to allow you to move the spa around, because it can be a bit difficult to move due to it’s size. It also comes with a static drainage system that allows you to drain the spa without needing to lift it (which may also be difficult to do as a result of its size)

Carepeutic Deluxe Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Dr. Scholl is one of the world’s leading foot health and wellbeing product manufacturers, therefor you know that a foot spa developed by them is guaranteed to be a good investment.

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

This units multiple features, along with its lovely purple color, make it highly desirable. It provides soothing bubbles as well as heat to provide a relaxing massage experience. It’s heating function works to maintain the temperature of the water, but you will need to fill it with warm water at first.

The spa also has a fixed rolling massager at its center which works to revive tired feet and targets aches which are often not targeted by other normal spa functions.

It also has a detachable pumice stone that you can use to exfoliate your feet.

Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath 61360

If you are looking for the best heated foot spa, then look no further than the Ultimate foot bath 61360 by Hot Spa. This appliance is quite affordable despite it being extremely advanced.

Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath 61360

It has a special toe touch feature that allows you to control and operate the unit without having to use your hands. It’s heating feature works to ensure that water can be heated up and temperature maintained to your liking. It also has water jets that create bubbles to give you a deep massage and complete comfort.

The units massage rollers target arches of the feet which most other foot spas are unable to reach. It also comes with detachable pedicure add-ons that allow you to take advantage of the massage rollers.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Home Foot Spa

As finding the best spa for your needs can be quite a confusing affair, the below are some pointers and features you may want to consider when making your purchase

  • Heating option – this will ensure that you are able to use your spa for as long as possible, as it will keep the water warm for a longer time and you don’t have to keep adding hot water, or stop your massage just because the temperature has dropped.Some units have several heat settings, while some of the cheaper units only have one heat setting
  • It’s also important to check for vibration and massage functions depending on your preferences. These are usually available in varying degrees and can be selected depending on what you are looking for. These features may vary from a simple vibration, to percussion vibrations.
  • Some foot spas also incorporate bubbles into their units (similar to those in a jacuzzi), which work to create a more intense massage experience. It is important to remember not to use a foaming soap in a foot spa with this feature, as this would agitate the water and create an excess of bubbles.
  • Another feature worth considering is a pedi center which is an area raised above the level of the water where you can place detachable attachments. The attachments and position of the pedi center vary from unit to unit, as do the features offered by the attachments themselves
  • Some of the more advanced spas come with toe touch controls, which make operation of the unit extremely easy as you don’t have to reach out with your hands to adjust a manual dial. The controls on units with this feature can be operated with the feet making them more convenient to use. However, this technology also often leads to an increase in cost of the unit, and will likely be found in the more expensive foot spas.

Here is the bottomline

As you have probably seen by now, the options and variety available in the market when it comes to foot spas is huge. It all boils down to what you are personally looking for - whether you are looking to relax your feet after a long day or week, or looking to achieve silky smooth feet, hopefully this guide and reviews have given you an idea as to where you may begin looking.

It is important to consider the various features such as heating and pedi attachments, which will allow you to get the most out of your massage.

For those with larger feet, it is also worthwhile to consider a larger foot spa, as there are some units made with bigger feet in mind. The Carepeutic foot and leg massager is a great choice in this regard

With advances in technology, foot spas have become even more affordable and increasingly easy to clean. MOst of them can be kept on top of a cupboard or slid under the bed for storage, and this will also allow you to have easy access when you need to use it.

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