Best essential oil diffuser for large spaces and rooms

In a world that has become more hectic and full of distractions, the stress of daily life can leave us overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted of energy.

Essential oils can help provide a much needed boost at the end of each day increasing your energy, giving you peace and calm, and relieving stress.

Diffusers are an easy way to disperse essential oils causing their scent to fill a room with the oils natural fragrance.

You may have a space be it at home, at the office or at you business facility that is quite large such that those small diffusers will not work for you. We put together a compilation of the best essential oil diffusers for large rooms.

This simple to use and easy to clean 500ml ultrasonic diffuser produces stronger and cool essential oil sprays that efficiently cover larger areas.

It has five functions: an aroma diffuser, air purifier, ionizer, humidifier and nightlight lamp. It has 30-day 100% refund guarantee and 12-month replacement warranty.

It has also a free life-time after-sale support and is quality guaranteed (CE, FCC, PSE certificated). The whole package of the product includes 1 essential oil diffuser, 1 charger adapter, 1 cleaning brush, 1 measuring cup and 1 user manual.

The amount of mist produced by this diffuser can be adjusted depending on your liking. It operates very silently as it runs lower than 35 decibels.

It is very suitable to use in a baby’s room, office, or bedroom.

Operating time can be continuous or can be set to 1, 2, or 3 hours. When the water runs out, it automatically turns off for power safety. It has a lamp that changes into 7 colors.

You can also dim or brighten the lights or even turn them off while on operation.

Using this InooCare diffuser will help you have a better and calmer sleep and breathe a fresher and fragrant air.

It is also helpful in clearing up the sinuses, soothing the airways, and treating headaches.

The changing 7 colors of the diffuser’s lamps is also a great attraction especially if you have kids or babies at home. The lid of this diffuser may have the tendency to be loose and compared to other diffusers, refilling the tank can be pretty difficult.

The Olivetech wood grain ultrasonic diffuser is uniquely designed with elegance. It looks like a black wood grain flower vase making it a perfect decoration in your bedroom, living room, office, yoga space, or spa.

Not only it is suitable for your own home, but it is also a perfect gift item for family and friends. However, this product is made up of furnished plastic to make it look like a real wood.

This diffuser has a 400ml water capacity tank making it continuously operation for up to 8-12 hours without having to refill.

It automatically turns off when water runs out for safety purposes. Since it uses an ultrasonic technology, this diffuser operates very silently. It has also a timer which you can set to 1, 3, 6 hours, or continuous mode.

The amount of mist can also be adjusted whether you want a strong or weak mist. The mists produced are very fine and smooth that in can moisturize and soften dry skin, especially during winter season.

Because of the moisture it adds to the air, it helps your breathe smoothly in an air-conditioned room. It has also a LED lamp that changes into 7 colors with bright and dim features.

The package includes 1 diffuser (400ml), 1 adapter, 1 measuring cup and 1 user manual. It only weighs around 1 pound thus making it very handy and easy to transfer within the area. No assembly or batteries required.

Buying this essential oil diffuser comes with 45 days money back guarantee and 18 months warranty.

Smell the joy of fragrant air, relaxing, and refreshing air all day and all night using this essential oil diffuser.

It uses an ultrasonic technology to produce ultra fine mists to the air. The mists produced by the diffuser can also be adjusted into strong or light mists.

Its water tank can be filled up to 300ml volume and can be continuously used for 8 hours straight. It can also be set to 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours operation.

It automatically shuts off its power when the water level is low thus protecting you and the device from damage, thus it is very safe to use.

However when the tank is filled with water above the maximum line, only little amount of mists are produced. 

It also functions quietly which add up to the relaxation benefits of the essential oils.

This diffuser also comes with LED lights of 7 colors to add into the cool and relaxing atmosphere.

It has two parts that can be disassembled easily for cleaning. Assembling it again is as easy as snapping the two parts together.

For better experience of this diffuser, please choose only water-soluble essential oils. It also doesn’t have intermittent mist mode like any other basic diffusers nowadays. And when the diffuser shuts off when the water level is already low, the lights do not automatically turn off with it.

The package includes 1 TaoTronics Essential Oil diffuser, 1 power adapter, 1 measuring cup and 1 user manual. It weighs around 14.8oz and has dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5x 5.7 inches.

This Tenswall diffuser can bring you the joy of aromatherapy as it relaxes and unwinds your body and mind.

It is a large capacity essential oil diffuser that can be filled up with 400ml water, enabling it function up to 10-15 hours straight.

It is designed pleasingly and can be a decorative item wherever you wanna place it. It is shaped like a vase and has a classic wood grain finish.

Adding to its decorative feature are its 7 colors of LED lights that can be set into one color or cycled through, with dim and bright features.

It has an auto turn-off feature that makes the product safe whenever the water level of the tank reaches below the minimum mark.

Like any other basic diffuser nowadays, it has two mist modes that can be set the operation either intermittently or continuously up to 10 hours.

It also has a timer which can be set into 4 different modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and continuous mode. It is also equipped with advanced ultrasonic technology that makes it a very quiet diffuser.

It sounds lower than 40 decibels thus bringing you a deep and peaceful sleep while in use.

This diffuser is made from plastic and not from real wood thus making it very light.

If you want a heavier diffuser to make it feel and look like sturdy and less likely to fall when moved, this might not be the product you want to buy. This product is a great choice for those who want a compact and handy diffuser.

5. URPOWER 350 ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Get surrounded by an aromatic fragrance greatly and peacefully using this essential oil diffuser powered by ultrasonic technology.

It is very light and portable, weighing only 1.1 lbs. It is made up of 100% BPA-free frosted plastic. It is very quiet and works just fine with tap water and all types of essential oils.

Its ultrasonic technology feature make the essential oil molecules in the mist intact during diffusion because heat is not used to break up the essential oils into ultrafine particles.

It has a water tank with 350 ml volume capacity that enables it to run for 9 hours straight and cover a large area of 320 square feet. 

It also operates as a humidifier covering an area of 130 square feet. It is equipped with a timer that can be set to 3 hours, 6 hours and continuous modes.

It also automatically shuts down to provide safety when the water lever of the tank is below the acceptable level.

It also has 7 color changing led lamps which can be set to one fixed color or can be cycled through. The mist intensity can also be adjusted into strong or weak.

The full package consists of 1 350 ml diffuser, 1 charger adapter and 1 user manual. Unlike other products, this package doesn’t come with a measuring cup. Also, unlike other basic diffusers in the market, this diffuser is not equipped with intermittent mist mode feature.

The LED lights may also be too bright to be turned on at night for light sleepers.

Here are 8 Benefits of using an essential oil diffuser in your home/ office

  1. Helps sleep better
  2. If you find it difficult to fall or stay asleep at night, diffusing essential oils can help create a conducive environment to give you peaceful sleep as mist produces a long lasting effect to help you to continue to sleep through the night. Scents such as lavender, ylang ylang, vetiver and valerian are quite good in helping soothe you and give a restful night’s sleep.

  3. Stress reliever
  4. As earlier stated, we live in an increasingly stressful time, and various stressors can make us feel restless and unsettled. An essential oil diffuser works to create a calming effect in your home, especially when used with oils such as bergamot, chamomile, rose and frankincense which relieve anxiety and promote calm.

  5. Ward off illness
  6. Essential oils have powerful antimicrobials that can help kill germs lurking in your home. Once the mist is diffused into the air, you increase the likelihood of killing off germs before they get an opportunity to make you ill. Oils such as Oregano, peppermint and lemon work to boost your immunity and decrease the likelihood of you catching a cold or flu.

  7. Pain Relief
  8. Most people commonly apply essential oils directly onto their skin to help with pain relief, but using a diffuser is much more efficient n extending the pain relief effects of the oils. This is because it allows you to inhale the mist which is then absorbed into your bloodstream and travels around your body faster helping combat and relieve persistent pain e.g. headaches, sore joints and overworked muscles.

  9. Repel Insects
  10. This is yet another great use of essential oils, as the scent they produce will often make your home inhospitable to pesky bugs such as mosquitoes, flies and other household pests.

  11. Humidifies the air
  12. As some diffusers use both water and the essential oil, the air in the home is immediately humidified as a result of the atomization of the water. This is important as dry air is often linked to various respiratory tract issues,a s well as causing dry skin.

  13. Freshen up the air
  14. Essential oils are a great way to freshen u the air in the home without using commercial air fresheners which often contain harmful chemicals that we then end up inhaling. The scents provided by essential oils also tend to be softer and not as harsh as commercial air fresheners. Simply put a scent that you enjoy in your oil diffuser and enjoy.

  15. Safe alternative to candles and incense
  16. Most scented candles have chemicals such as toluene and benzene, which are toxic and can cause damage to our lungs, nervous system and even brains. Because high quality candles without toxic chemicals can be quite costly, a diffuser provides an excellent alternative to scent your home without breaking the bank, not to mention they are also much safer than candles which pose a potential fire hazard when burning.

Let’s now take an in depth look at the various types of diffusers available in the market today, and factors to consider when buying a diffuser.

Types of diffusers

There are four different types of diffusers available in the market today:

Nebulizing Diffusers

A nebulizing diffuser works by blowing an air into a small tube to create a vacuum that will pull the oil from the bottom of the tube to the top to produce a fine spray of the essential oil.

Through the creation of the fine sprays of essential oil from the nebulizer, a large amount of oil can be easily introduced and diffused into the air. Because of this, many have considered the nebulizing type as their choice of essential oil diffuser.

However, nebulizing diffusers tend to use more essential oils to spray in the area than the other types of diffuser. It is recommended to use a timer to set the production of essential oil sprays for only about 15 minutes an hour, which is enough to spread before total evaporation and another round of nebulization.

Humidifying or Ultrasonic diffusers

This kind of diffuser also produces fine sprays of essential oil but in a different way. It has a small disk under the surface a liquid or water that vibrates very fast using electronic frequencies produced by the said type of diffuser.

The vibrations that are produced break the essential oil into microparticles creating a very fine spray. These diffusers do not use heat energy to transform the liquid into vapor like the usual process does. Instead, adiabatic process is used in the the vapor transformation of a liquid, which means no heat is gained or lost in the process.

The fine sprays produced by these diffusers have very small amounts of the essential oil itself and a greater fraction is composed of water. This type is the best choice for those who only want a small amount of essential oil to be dispersed in a room. 

Heat diffusers

These diffusers uses heat to vaporize and diffuse essential oils faster than normal.

Some heat diffusers use high levels of heat energy in order to produce a stronger smell of the essential oil. However the components of the essential oils can be altered because of the use of high levels of heat.

But there are also heat energy diffuser you can choose which only utilizes minimal heat to produce a gentle aroma. Also, because the evaporation process is affected by the density of the liquid, the lighter components of the essential oil may evaporate more easily than the heavier ones.

With this, you are consuming the lighters components during the start of the evaporization and the heavier components later on in the process. This affects the overall therapeutic effect of the essential oil.

Decreased therapeutic effects may be acquired compared to using other types of diffusers. But still, these heat diffusers are affordable and do not produce any sound while on operation. 

Evaporative diffusers

These diffusers operate basically by using air, instead of heat, to easily evaporate the essential oil.

A fan is used to blow air through a filter with an essential oil to hasten the transformation of the essential oil into vapors. The fan is also used to disperse the vaporized essential oil across the room.

Like the heat diffusers which relies on evaporation to disperse the essential oils, the components of the oil are being vaporized in partition based on their density which can affect its effect on your body. Also, these are not very efficient when using thicker essential oils. But still it is a good choice for a relatively quiet essential oil diffuser.

For large areas, it best to use a nebulizer or humidifier/ultrasonic diffuser as they release more concentrated essential oils more efficiently.

Factors to consider before buying an essential oil diffuser for a large room

Motor: When buying a nebulizer or humidifying/ultrasonic diffuser, it is always best to buy a diffuser with a powerful motor that can efficiently spread the essential oil in a large area.

And if you want a silent-operating diffuser, humidifying/ultrasonic diffusers are generally better than the nebulizing diffusers.

Self-Timer: It is always recommended to choose a diffuser with a built-in timer. This way, you shall not waste the essential oil and energy in case you forget to switch it off.

You can set the maximum time of operation to prevent wastage. There are also models with intermittent timers. You can set it to run for hours or for a few minutes within an hour.

Other Factors: You might also want to consider the water capacity of the diffuser for less refilling frequency, especially when you want to cover a large area.

Other models also have an essential oil level indicator and a dispersing regulator to set how much essential oil is being diffused in a specific amount of time.

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