These 10 Jobs Cause Lower Back Pain

Back pain is by far one of the most common type of pains experienced by people from various working classes across the globe. Things like muscle imbalances, muscle spasms, stress, slips, spinal compression, pinched or irritated nerves and falls all tend to contribute to and/or are created by lower back pain.

By simply looking at the causes of lower back pain, we should be able to prevent it from occurring. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. We have to do things even when they cause us pain. These things include our day to day jobs and duties. There are several jobs that cause or put us at a greater risk of developing back pain. These 10 jobs are the most notorious when it comes to causing lower back pain.

Jobs that cause lower back pain

Truck driving

People who drive heavy trucks and trailers tend to be at great risk of developing lower back pain at some point in their career. This is mostly because their pain is caused by the kind of effect the constant vibration and compression has on their lower back when driving long distances. Coupled with the fact that they remain sitted for very long hours, sometimes over uneven terrain, and you have a lethal combination that is not too kind of one's lower back.

Uber driving

Although it just so happens to be one of the newest and rather lucrative ways of making money while operating your own taxi, driving an Uber is just as equally detrimental to your lower back as driving a heavy truck. The only difference is that you may not be straining too much when driving an Uber in comparison to driving a long haul truck. Be that as it may, the main difference that brings to the entire situation is that the onset of your lower back pain may be delayed by a few years. But it will come thanks to the long hours spent sitted and operating a motor vehicle.

Construction work

The single most obvious reason for the kind of lower back pain experienced by construction workers is the lifting and moving of heavy objects while in the line of duty. Since construction work requires one to call upon the 'strength of their back' regularly, it is no surprise that their backs tend to take quite a bit of beating. Coupled with the fact that construction workers would have to maneuver through awkward positions while holding bricks or other heavy materials and you have the perfect cause for lower back pain.


Yet another vocation that requires one to lift heavy objects and maneuver through tricky positions. Landscapers spend most of their time bent over their projects. From mowing lawns to building perfect flower beds and removing tree stumps or placing small stones in the right places, these are all activities that cause great wear and tear on their backs. The vigorous twisting and turning and you are all but guaranteed lower back pain.

Law enforcement (Police Officers)

Police Officers spend a great deal of time either riding in their patrol cars of filling out necessary paperwork on their desks. Add to that the fact that they carry around a heavy equipment belt that holds their gun and the fact that they sometimes get into very awkward positions when chasing and apprehending suspects and you just a few days away from lower back pain.

Home nurses

People in this line of work tend to do a lot of bending when attending to their patients (dressing and undressing them, lifting them into and out of bathtubs etc. They also strain quite a bit when they transfer patients from one position to another or bed transfers. Additionally, because they hardly stay put - running around looking after their dear patients - those frequent movements put a strain on their backs as well.

Warehouse work

Warehouse worker typically face the same challenges as construction workers. Most of their duties involve lifting of heavy objects as well as awkward movements when trying to store away those heavy objects. We are talking about bending and twisting movements that may be forced or unnatural in many different ways. Some warehouse jobs also require the workers to operate industrial vehicles such as trucks and forklifts. These vehicles tend to cause whole-body vibrations that later on translate to back ache, soreness and lower back pain.

Dentists and surgeons

Dentists and surgeons all go through prolonged periods of standing, bending, stooping as they are determined to take care of their patients. Because their jobs tend to be mentally taxing, the doctors may not realize that they are putting themselves in prolonged periods of poor body posture day in and day out. This has a negative effect on their entire skeletal and muscular structure thus leading to lower back pain among other issues.

Store Checkout Personnel

Yet another profession that requires the workers to remain standing in one place/position for a long period of time. Additionally, store checkout personnel are charged with bagging items and helping customers with heavy bags. All of this does a number on their backs, neck and shoulders. It has been reported that about 50% of checkout workers complain about lower back pain.

Factory work

Factory workers carry out a wide variety of tasks that can cause lower back pain. Every day, these professionals have to lift heavy objects, drive industrial vehicles and operate heavy-duty machinery that cause whole-body vibrations. Add to that the fact that factory work can be a bit dangerous depending on the kind of machines or chemicals involved and that mental stress can be the straw that breaks the camel's back, or at the very least, cause it serious lower back pain.

Red flags for work related lower back pain

You might be thinking that since you do not have any of these 10 jobs then your lower back is not at risk of injury or pain. The truth of the matter is that there are very many ways through which you can contract lower back pain no matter what you do for a living. If you find yourself doing any of these things then you might be at risk of lower back pain:

  • Moving or lifting heavy objects frequently.
  • Absorbing full-body vibrations on the regular (this includes standing next to heavy manufacturing machines).
  • Repetitive motion that involves bending, twisting or reaching.
  • Hunching over your workstation or computer.
  • Sitting and/or standing in one position for long hours.

Any of these could lead to chronic lower back pains in the future. And even though massage cushions could help with those who sit for prolonged hours, you still need to do a lot more when it comes to alleviating that pain. Your very first line of defense should be to get your hands on massagers that will help manage the pain as well as refraining from activities that cause lower back pain in the first place.

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